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Rubber pads are produced for technical purposes. Dimensions are according to BDS ISO 3302 class M4 :

Rubber Pads – sizes

Rubber pads are produced of rubber compounds from the SBR type, with 70±5 conditional units – Shore and density 1,50±0,05 g/sm.

Expiration date in closed doors is 2 years from the date of expedition, when following the requirements ot BDS ISO 2230.


For special requeste from our clients, we can produce the rubber pads with different dimensionsand (length and width) up to the maximum dimensions.

If we receive a special order request, we can produce rubber pads resistant to the following:

  • Mineral oils
  • Poor acids
  • Poor bases

Some ot the rubber pads we produce are widly used for mounint on the snow ploughs.

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